Success for some, means reaching the top of the ladder. For others, the top of the ladder is just the beginning. It offers access to higher planes and newer dimensions. Of the two the latter is always evolving, exploring new possibilities and realizing new dreams. They are truly the masters of success.

Shobha Industries, it all began back in the year 1976. Today, we have transformed ourselves from a humble manufacturing unit to a multi dimensional industrial engineering tool manufacturing conglomerate.

The journey has undoubtedly been long and challenging. But by meeting the needs of burgeoning industrial sector and catering to its every demand, we have been growing and evolving in new direction.

Our manufacturing prowess covers a vide range of cutting tools and precise engineering tools. Our products make their presence felt in overseas markets like USA, UK, GERMANY, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. And yet what keeps us surging ahead is the love of new challenges, each of which gives us a chance to showcase our entrepreneurial sprit and sense of enterprise.

Shobha Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality engineering tools. We have been exporting high quality engineering tools since 1976 to over 35 countries. With more than 22 years experience, an organised setup and huge stocks of inventory, we can promise the best quality and on-time deliveries.

We are a well reputed company in the international market and every year we participate in all the major trade shows around the world. We follow international standards such as DIN, GS and ANSI in production.

We specialize in developing items as per customer specifications on order. We also offer private branding. We have complete in-house QC including complete testing laboratory for hardness testing, dimensional checking, accuracy and torque testing facilities, etc.

Leading Indian manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of engineering tools like vises, boring bars, boring tools, boring heads, precision tools, tool holders, chucking equipments, clamping equipments, tapping and threading tools, cutting tools, milling cutters, lathe chucks, magnetic tools, angle plates, punches, chisels, scribers, diamond dressing tools, hobby tools, watchmaker tools, lubrication equipments etc.